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As a U.S. Government ECA, WidePoint-ORC is authorized to provide digital certificates for:

  • Identification/Digital Signature for people and devices
  • Encryption to secure email and digital files
  • Server Authentication for identification of web sites and other devices
  • Domain Controllers for securing your Windows domain
  • Signing of Code

Detailed information…

Purchasing or renewing a Certificate?
Please use Internet Explorer 11.

In order to obtain a certificate, you must generate crypto-graphic keys during the request process. Currently, only Internet Explorer is supported for generating cryptographic keys.

Download Internet Explorer 11

If you're unable to download Internet Explorer, please contact Customer Service at
1-800-816-5548 to proceed with your request.

In response to COVID-19, we are NOT allowing subscribers to walk-in for Identity Proofing until further notice. If you cannot find a notary available due to COVID-19, please email for assistance.

Once the COVID-19 pandemic is over, WidePoint-ORC will resume walk-in Identity Proofing.

Planned maintenance

The WidePoint ECA will be unavailable during the following periods in November:

  • 0800 ET, Saturday, Nov. 6th to 2000 ET, Sunday, Nov. 7th
  • 0800 ET, Saturday, Nov. 13th to 2000 ET, Sunday, Nov. 14th
  • 0800 ET, Saturday Nov. 20th to 2000 ET, Sunday Nov. 21st

Get Certificates:

Order Medium Assurance Identity and Encryption Certificates
Access to NSA ARCnet, MPO, PPIRS, and DoD sites
Order Medium Token Assurance Identity and Encryption Certificates
Access to all of the above and AFWAY, JPAS, FEDMALL, etc.
Order Medium Hardware Identity and Encryption Certificates
Access to all of the above and FVS, NGA, Navy Data Environment (NDE), etc.
Which certificate do I need? Renew Certificates

Order Component/Server/SSL Certificates
Order Domain Controller Certificates
Order Code Signing Certificates (Medium Token)
Order Code Signing Certificates (Medium Hardware)
Order VPN IPSec Certificates