ECA-External Certificate Authority

What certificate do I need?

Feature Medium Assurance Medium Token Assurance Medium Hardware
Includes acclaimed ORC technical support via telephone or email.
Identity/encryption certificates for signing and encrypting email
Used to access NSA ARCnet, GSA eOffer/eMod, and DoD sites including PPIRS, SPOT, MPO, TAMMS-A, ONR PayWeb, CPARS, ACASS/CCASS/FAPIIS and CAV-AF. ✓  ✓  ✓ 
Used to access the sites above and others including AFWAY, JPAS, FEDMALL, COINS and Deckplate.    ✓  ✓
Used to access the sites above and others including FVS, NGA, and Navy Data Environment (NDE).      ✓
Choice of USB cryptographic token or smart card hardware    ✓  ✓
Software-only— Installs easily in your browser and requires no additional hardware.    
Request certificates at a home or office computer.  ✓  ✓  
Receive in-person assistance at an ORC Office for on-the-spot certificate issuance.
Our highest level certificates—Equivalent to the DOD CAC card      ✓
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