ECA Hardware Code Signing and ECA Token Code Signing Requests

Code Signing Certificate Features

  • Allows signing of code with a DoD-approved certificate
  • DOD ECA Program does NOT allow software-based code signing certificates; all must be smartcard-based
  • Medium Hardware Assurance level is the highest assurance level and requires an appointment with a WidePoint-ORC or Partner Local Registration Authority (LRA); Medium Token Assurance level can be requested remotely without an appointment
  • We offer 1-year and 3-year options
  • Subscriber must have a valid and current ECA Client Certificate of any assurance level at the time of the issuance of the code signing certificate

If you do NOT have an ECA Client Certificate that will be current and valid for at least 30 days after the code signing request form will be notarized, click on the button below to get one issued to you before requesting a code signing certificate.

Proceed to the ECA Client »

Otherwise, continue with the code signing process below.


Step 1
Read The Instructions

IMPORTANT: You must perform the online application for yourself, in your own name. You may NOT make an Online Application for another individual. This is grounds for immediate revocation of the certificate, and any fees paid will not be returned.

  • A workstation with a FIPS 140-1/2 Level 1 cryptographic compliant web browser is required. You may use Edge, Chrome, or Firefox to make the certificate request.

The DoD ECA Certificate Policy requires all Subscribers to protect their certificate private keys from unauthorized use. WidePoint-ORC will not know this password/PIN. If you forget your certificate password/PIN and do NOT have your UNLOCK Code, you will be required to purchase a new certificate along with a NEW device.

Step 2 | Gather The Required Documents

Users MUST attach photocopies of the following items to the request forms:

  • Two photo IDs, one of which must be a current and valid, Government-Issued Photo ID
  • Proof of Citizenship
  • Signed CSAA Authorization Letter

Step 3 | Trust the Certificate Authorities

The Trust procedure below may have been performed when you obtained your Identity Certificate. The trust procedure must be performed on every computer where ECA certificates will be used.

Two Ways to Trust CA’s:

  • Quick Method: Trust your device quickly and easily using InstallRoot. Click here for instructions on download and running the tool.
  • Manual Method: If you prefer the manual method, you can visit the ECA Repository page and download all of the ECA Root Certificates and the WidePoint-ORC ECA Signing Certificates.

Step 4 | Confirm Your DOD/NSA Affiliation

A few screens from now, you will be required to select a DOD/NSA Affiliation from a list. You will select either ‘My Federal Program is not Listed’ or ‘No ECA Agency Affiliation is Required.’

Step 5 | Proceed to Our Secure Portal

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