Certificate Do’s and Don’ts

Do  Accept your new certificate when you receive notification email.

Do  Make a backup copy of your certificate on a thumb drive/CD.

Do  Remember your certificate password.

Do  Use your certificate to access certificate enabled applications.

Do  Encourage others to get their own digital certificates.

Do  Read the information under the tabs on the http://eca.orc.com web site.

Do  Inform WidePoint-ORC if the information on your certificate changes.


Don’t  Tell anyone your certificate password.

Don’t  Use a blank password to protect your private key.

Don’t  Forget your certificate password.

Don’t  Leave your password written down in an unsecured environment.

Don’t  Leave your backup certificate in an unprotected environment.

Don’t  Copy your certificate so another person can use it.

Don’t  Use someone else’s certificate.

Don’t  Leave your certificate loaded on another or temporarily used PC.