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TAMMS-A Requires PKI Certificate Login

Posted on Friday, July 12th, 2013

The ORC Difference

ORC was the first company to graduate from the DoDs Interim External Certification Authority (IECA) program to the final ECA program. We are the only authorized vendor to issue every type of certificate sanctioned under the DoD ECA policy.

ORC’s lineage traces back to the early days of the DoD PKI (CAC) certificate program when the ORC Team hosted and operated the DoD PKI Development and Test Labs. This gives ORC very detailed knowledge in both DoD PKI and DoD ECA PKI in terms of both the history, legacy conditions, and similarities and differences of the two DoD certificate programs.

Since 01 Sep 2012, TAMMS-A login has required PKI certificates.

Directive JTF-GNO CTO 07-015 (07APR08) mandates PKI certificate to access private DoD applications.

Users without a CAC card will need an AKO account as well as a DoD approved External Certificate Authority (ECA) Certificate for TAMMS-A access.

What Certificate type does TAMMS-A require?

TAMMS-A only requires, at a minimum, a software based ECA certificate (the “Medium Assurance” certificate).  However, if you access other DoD systems that require a higher security credential (i.e., JPAS, FEDMALL, etc) you should purchase one of the hardware based options, either the “Medium Token or the Medium Hardware.” TAMMS-A will accept hardware based certificates as well as software based ECA credentials.

As a reminder, it is against DoD Regulations to share a username and password or allow an individual to access another’s TAMMS-A account in any manner.

DoD Policy requires that certificates be downloaded onto a user’s device (software or hardware) within 30 days.  Failure to complete this process within 30 days will require the applicant to start over again.

ORC offers the following TAMMS-A approved DoD PKI ECA Digital Certificates:

Medium Assurance Identity and Encryption Certificates

Also referred to as ‘browser based’ or ‘soft’ certificates, these certificates meet the minimum-security requirements for TAMMS-A.

Medium-Token Assurance Identity and Encryption Certificates

These are ‘hardware based’ certificates that may be obtained remotely. You must have a USB token or smart card on hand before you apply. Hardware items are separately priced. See contact information below to order.

Medium-Hardware Assurance Identity and Encryption Certificates

These are ‘hardware based’ certificates available in USB token or smart card form that must be obtained in person. They are equivalent to the certificates on a DoD Common Access Card (CAC). Hardware items are separately priced. See contact information below to schedule an appointment.

Contact us at to order hardware items or to set up an appointment for on-site issuance of Medium-Hardware certificates.

Please visit our pricing page for certificate and hardware item pricing.

ORC’s Help Desk can provide remote desktop assistance for any issue you may encounter. Please contact for rapid support.