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Attention DoD EMALL Users

Posted on Monday, June 11th, 2012

The ORC Difference

ORC was the first company to graduate from the DoDs Interim External Certification Authority (IECA) program to the final ECA program. We are the only authorized vendor to issue every type of certificate sanctioned under the DoD ECA policy. Our Lead Registration Authority “double hats” as our Facility Security Officer (FSO) and has been a client-side certificate expert with ORC for over five years.

ORC’s lineage traces back to the early days of the DoD PKI (CAC) certificate program when the ORC Team hosted and operated the DoD PKI Development and Test Labs. This gives ORC very detailed knowledge in both DoD PKI and DoD ECA PKI in terms of both the history, legacy conditions, and similarities and differences of the two DoD certificate programs.

Quickly gain access to DoD EMALL with an ORC ECA Medium Token Assurance Identity/Encryption Certificate Pair.
ORC provides the following necessary items for DoD EMALL access:
  1. An approved active PKI Certificate; and
  2. Hardware and Software needed to read the PKI certificate.

Please see our pricing page for information on the necessary hardware and software for Medium Token certificates.


  1. Your choice of USB token or smart card hardware
  2. Use for both signing and encrypting your email
  3. Includes world-class ORC technical support via telephone or email

Ready to begin?

Please contact Cecelia at (703) 246-8527 or to order hardware and software items.
ORC’s Help Desk can provide remote desktop assistance for any issue you may encounter. Please contact for rapid support.
ORC’s typical certificate issuance time is between 3 to 5 days after all paperwork is received. You will receive a email notification when your certificates have been issued.
If you have any general questions, please contact Vanessa Vincent at 703-246-8531 or