Component Certificate Request Instructions

1. Certificate Request Generation

NOTE: The request generation must be performed using your server’s built-in functionality. Instructions are provided for IIS and iPlanet webservers. If you have a different type of server please refer to your vendor supplied documentation.

Click here to download instructions for Microsoft IIS

Click here to download instructions for iPlanet Webserver – coming soon

In all cases you must desginate the following information. Information that is dependant on your server is enclosed in <> signs. Static information is enclosed in quotes.

Common Name: <FQDN of your server>
Organizational Unit: <Your company name>,”OU=WidePoint-ORC, OU=ECA”
Organization: “U.S. Government”
Country: “US”

2. Submitting your request to the Certificate Authority

a. Click here to open a new window.

b. Read the obligations page and accept the terms and conditions.

c. Fill out and submit the electronic submission form.

3. Verify Individual and Corporate Identity

A. Individual Identity Verification – All applicants for Server Certificates are required to appear in person before an WidePoint-ORC Registration Authority (RA), an WidePoint-ORC Appointed Local Registration Authority (LRA), or a Notary Public. Applicants are required to present two official photo ID credentials, one of which must be Government issued. In addition, proof of organizational affiliation and the request form (“Print this Form Now” page) must be supplied. Official photo IDs include Government issued photo IDs (passport, Driver’s License), and Company issued photo IDs.

WidePoint-ORC RA Location/Mailing Address – If you decide to be validated by an WidePoint-ORC RA or you need to mail your validated paperwork to WidePoint-ORC please use the address below.

11250 Waples Mill
South Tower Suite 210
Fairfax, VA 22030

B. Corporate Identity VerificationIn order to receive a Server Certificate the applicant must also be verified as a duly appointed key contact for their company. Complete the following steps to satisfy this requirement.

  • Click here to download the POA (Proof of Organizational Affliation) Letter.
  • Insert the appropriate information for the Organization, Authorized Component Certificate Contact (Server Administrator), and Duly Authorized Representative (Approving company officer).
  • Have the Duly Authorized Representative sign the POA letter.
  • Submit the POA Letter along with your Request Form and Identification credentials.

4. Certificate Acceptance

a. Notification Upon successful completion of the identification and authentication process, the WidePoint-ORC ECA shall create the requested ECA Certificate, and notify you via email that your certificate is ready.

b. Acceptance – Refer to either the supplied IIS/iPlanet documentation or your vendor-supplied documentation for instructions on how to import your server certificate.

c. Acknowledgement – You shall print a copy of the notification email, sign it, and mail the signed document to the WidePoint-ORC ECA RA.

IMPORTANT: If you do not provide this verification notice, or if you are found to have acted in a manner counter to these obligations, the certificate shall be revoked, and you will forfeit all claims against the WidePoint-ORC ECA CA infrastructure in the event of a dispute arising from failure to fulfill the obligations above.